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Monday’s Quote: Winston Churchill

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”~ Winston S. Churchill

Winston S. Churchill
Photo taken from his Goodreads profile

 I think this quote speaks to me because I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. I remember hearing somewhere…I’m sorry to say I think it was from Dr. Phil…that perfectionists wear themselves out. I can see why. It’s hard to hold myself to that standard, especially because it is unrealistic.

Most who know me know I am a complete klutz. I have actually been known to trip on my own two feet. I drop things all the time and I even seem to choke on nothing. But, even through this blaring imperfection, I strive for perfect.

I, of course, blame it on my parents. They told me to always do my best. Do one-hundred and ten percent, they said. This sort of proclaims to strive for the impossible–beyond perfect. Yet, I would rather live my life reaching for perfect than settling for mediocre.

Surrounded by teenagers during my day job, I am constantly shown those who settle. They settle for the barest of grades. They settle for the lightest of work. They even settle for the lowest effort of friends. But what can become of a life set to mediocre? Not much. But, what can come from a life set to the impossibly high? Perhaps greatness. So, reach for one-hundred and ten percent. But don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect, only if you are mediocre.

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