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Why do You Write?

This week’s question comes from Taylor. Keep them coming!

“Why do you write?”
I typically answer this question in the simple “because I can’t not write.” I think this is similar to Stephen King’s answer. Another NY Times Bestselling author, I can’t remember who, said something along the lines of not knowing what else to do. In fact, David Morrell says if you can imagine yourself doing anything else, then you should because writing is a tough business. I think my answer would be the same if not for a blog I read a month ago.

In it, the man discussed feeling shame when he asked this question of fellow authors and they gave the “because I have to” response. His point was that he could stop tomorrow and live life just fine. Most writers will then stand on their platform and proclaim that therefore he doesn’t love the profession enough, but it got me to thinking. Aside from the dramatic response of death without writing, I think I could walk away. Just like, if necessary, someone had to give up their smart phone, television…hell, electricity in general. Can we do it? Sure. Would we enjoy doing it? No. Would life be as pleasant? Probably not. But, if we had to we could quit. 

So, in answer to this question of why I write, I have to say I do it because it is what brings joy to my life. When I go long periods without writing, I begin to feel like a part of me is shut off. In fact, in middle school I hid my talent instead of throwing it away when I felt backlash that writing novels for fun was just “not cool.” I have to write because it is who I am. Could I live without it? Yes. Could my life have some meaning without it? Probably. But would I wake up every day and know I am being my most authentic self? Absolutely not. I am a writer. I am happy to be a writer. And I will always be a writer.

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