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Who Says Women are Always Nice? Introducing Artemis

When selecting country names for my Atlantis fantasy series, I wanted to name them after the Olympian Gods. A name can speak volumes about the character of a person, but also a country. When I named a tribal country with a dark side “Artemis” (briefly viewed in The Curse of Atlantis), it seemed fitting. Now, as I am older and look back on feminine roles, I am reminded that women characters of ancient times are a little more kick-butt than today.

Artemis is the goddess of hunting. Sure, she watches over animals and the wilderness, but she also can bring about sudden death among women. She oversees childbearing, but there are countless mythologies on her wrath when others crossed her. She is therefore the perfect portrayal of a woman: sensitive at times, but also holds a commanding presence. She is to be respected.
Most images of Artemis depict a maiden yielding a bow and arrow. She is the Katness Everdeen of the Olympian world in that respect. Her character most certainly can be the foundation of many strong female characters, especially in a day where women are viewed as sex objects or weaker in intelligence. Artemis should be held up as an example of what is missing in our literature today; the free-thinking female character who can hold her own. Maybe similar to Laura Croft…just without the big boobs.

When researching my first novel, Artemis was one of my favorite gods in the throne room. Now, I think she is also one of my favorite examples of what female characters can represent. I want to structure my characters around this image. I want to provide a fresh take on the female character in hopes I inspire young women to be independent.