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Where are the Witches in Paranormal Fiction?

Sometimes, random thoughts find their way into my mind. I would blame it on the long commute this year, but really…if I’m honest…I would have to admit that random thoughts seem to be the byproduct of being a writer. Don’t get me wrong, they often lead to story breakthroughs. But, they also tend to make me look a little weird. I have accepted this. I lead you in this way because, I really couldn’t tell you why I was thinking of this particular topic.

But, I was pondering on the types of paranormal novels currently out. Right now, most of them are vampire related. It got me to thinking. I love a good witch story, and yet I’m not seeing them anymore. In fact, one of my favorite movies still is Practical Magic, although I can never go wrong with Sandra Bullock. So, I got to thinking about my favorite witch stories (most are old because I don’t know many recent ones). 

The Witch of Blackbird Pond1.       The Crucible. I know this isn’t a “witch” story as much as a “witch hunt” story. But I read it in high school and remember the feeling it gave me. I was so horrified that something might actually happen like that…and then to learn it is rooted in history. This story is an example of how fiction can be strengthened by a touch of reality.

2.       The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Again not really a “witch” book, but a super one anyway.

3.       The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. I love, love, love this book. I remember reading it in elementary and being swept away by the idea of traveling to other worlds through a closet. Didn’t get into the rest of the series, but this one is good.

I know Beautiful Creatures is the newest witch book….but it’s not on my list….I’ll leave it at that.
My favorite witch movies:

1.       Practical Magic: I love that this is not a “wicked witch” movie. It captures the magic of the idea.

2.       Hocus Pocus:  The 18th century meets modern day Halloween. What could go wrong?

3.       The Craft: The good witch versus the bad witch. Love this movie.

So there it is, just in time for Halloween. If you recommend a good witch book for October, let me know!