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What does Zeus have in common with the USA?

Most know Zeus as the most powerful of the Olympian gods. People associate him with lightning, strength, and perhaps promiscuity. But what some might not know is that the symbol of Zeus is actually an eagle. For similar reasons, the USA selected the eagle to represent a hopeful nation. I remember learning one chief reason for the choice was the eagle’s reputation as a symbol strength and power. What I never understood was how far back this reputation traveled.

If this were a book, I would draw some sort of parallel between the founding fathers and the Olympian gods. Joe Campbell spent years doing so in his works. But, I hardly doubt real life mimics the intricacies authors throw into novels. Sometimes life is simple. I am just glad we did not follow Benjamin Franklin’s idea of making a turkey our country’s symbol. Yet, his reasoning for not liking the bird certainly fit with Zeus’ character: low moral character, not honest and a coward.

Part of the reason I love writing fantasy and paranormal novels is because I can take from mythology and expand. If Zeus the god acted in such manners, what can that say about Zeus the country? I can make connections to real life knowing such realities don’t exist. The truth does not make writing fiction fun. It’s the possibilities.