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Three Successes this Year to Welcome the New Year

It is crazy for me to think that this time next week we will be in a new year. I love to close a year by reflecting on goals set at the beginning and establishing new ones. This is the first year my goals changed in the middle of the year…therefore I accomplished little of what I had originally intended. And yet, I count that as a success. I flexibility in goal setting is important. So, here are three successes in my writing career this year.
1. Independent decisions: I have been listening to the debate and analysis between traditionally published and independently published, both sides projecting a sort of doomsday analysis of the other. But, by the end of the year I finally decided to take the plunge. I am in the process of leaving my current publisher, which means my books may be unavailable for a short time in 2014. But, I see this as closing a big chapter in my life. It is one that I have mixed feelings about. Could I have gone a different way, maybe. But, who’s to say that would have been better? No, I do not regret the chapter I ended. I have learned a lot. But I am ready to take this new adventure and see where it leads. Hope and possibilities are etching my horizon and I am both excited and scared. 

2. I am still learning and growing as a writer: I finished my second Odyssey online writing class at the beginning of the year. All of the classes and books I encountered this year have made me aware of the aspects of what makes a book great. I understand my craft better and therefore I am able to be a better writer. I am thankful for Odyssey program and strongly recommend it to any who wants an honest analysis of their writing. I am bummed I can’t do the class again in 2014, but that doesn’t mean I can’t grow. I will always search for ways to improve and be better. And, more importantly, I wish I never get to the point where I have “maxed out” and cannot grow anymore. 

3. I have been blogging regularly for a year and a half: what?? How did that happen? I once told my family that I couldn’t do a blog because I had nothing interesting to say. I still debate the “interesting” part, but I have been doing this blog for a year and a half, more than once a week for a year now. Sure, I went from five days to three, but I still view it as a success. I thank everyone who takes the time to read my thoughts and I hope you find some sort of enrichment. 

So, here’s to 2013. It was not the best of years, but also not the worst. And here’s to the opportunities to come in 2014. Life is what we make it, and the sky is not nearly the limit!