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The Book Signing Scene is Changing

I’m out of reader questions to answer. I’d like to continue the idea of answering questions on Wednesday. If you have a question, please click here or leave a comment below. Otherwise, I will try to do my own ponderings.

Is Book Signing Venues Changing?

It’s hard to imagine that I set out on my adventure almost 10 years ago. My first book signing was in a local bookstore in our mall, which has since shut down. I sold 30 copies in three hours. It was so much fun, and yet so scary at the same time. It seems like as the years progressed, the bookstores in my area became more an more friendly to local authors. I guess that could be a sign that things in the industry were beginning to take a drastic turn.

Now, when I look at my friends, I am starting to pick up a trend. Bookstore signings are still happening, however not as frequent as before (or maybe I’m noticing more now). They are doing signings at festivals. For fantasy and sci-fi, this would be comic-con. I have even known authors to find a certain niche and attend their festivals. An example is if I write a lot of mid-evil period books I may want to attend a Renaissance Festival. I see writers attending a lot of book fairs to sign as well.

I think that this places have always been around. What I am starting to find are the interesting signing places. A writer I know did a book signing at his local Dairy Queen. What’s even better is he sold out of in a few hours. People do signings at libraries, local schools, flea markets, and even coffee shops. I haven’t heard of someone doing one at a grocery store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has tried it. Wait…I’ve done one at the PX before. Does that count?

As book stores close and struggle to stay open, I love that writers are adapting. We will sell a book to the person next to us on a flight. We don’t care as long as we are selling books and talking to fans. I think what is important is that while we expand our signing horizons, we always remember to give back to the local independent book stores. Don’t forget they are still key to selling books…no matter what the e-book movement may suggest.

If you are a writer, what is the craziest place you have done a signing in?