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That Time of Year: Tucson Festival of Books

I know festivals and such take place all throughout the year, but I always think of the spring as festival time. I think it’s because we have two major ones that take place around March. The first is the Renaissance Festival. I’ve been to this only once, but it was a fun time. Every year around this time, either the schools take field trips to the area, or people post on Facebook that they’ve visited.

The second major festival has only been happening recently. I may be wrong, but I want to say the Tucson Festival of Books is five years old. I remember going on the very first year with my writer’s group: The Society of Southwestern Writers. That first year was crazy, but I think everyone knew it was going to get big…and it sure did. My second presence there was last year with the lovely lades at the Gecko Gals Ink. It rained the entire day and I only sold two books in my hour time slot, but it was such a blast. This year I’m hoping for the traditional sunny Arizona skies.

I’m looking forward to going there yet again this year…and this time I can brag about having a new book coming out in July. I love meeting fellow writers, readers, and people in the business. There is never a dull moment and the size is overwhelming at times. But it is such a valuable resource for any looking to mingle with some of the great names in the business. I think that’s why I like the idea of the festival so much. It is a celebration of books with speakers and presentations. What can be better than that?

I’ll be in booth #232 with the Society of Southwestern Writers from 3-5pm on Sunday. If you are in the Tucson area, please stop by and say hi. There are some awesome authors, both local and non. Please click HERE for a map of the area.