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Stop Summer from Ending with this Goddess

In Arizona, August marks the end of “summer.” Not because the weather changes. If that were the case, then middle of October would mark the end of summer. No, it’s because that’s when we go back to school. However, for most, the “end of summer” comes in September. Even the calendar marks the end of summer and beginning of fall at the end of this month.

So, in honor of all those wishing for summer to continue, I figured I would showcase the goddess of summer. I always thought of Demeter as the goddess of seasons. After all, she holds the mythology explaining the cause of seasons. Her brothers controlled the other aspects of the Earth, but she held control of the land. But, as I was looking into this, I discovered another goddess: Carpo. She is supposedly the goddess of fruits and the earth and is associated with summer. The sites I found suggests the idea of Demeter split into multiple gods, Carpo expanding as one. The idea of a goddess fading and changing into a combination of four new gods is a little disturbing. In fact, I would love to see a story where Demeter faces off with her replacements…but maybe that’s just me.  

So, whether it is Demeter or Carpo, I think either would be a popular god in today’s day among school-aged children. Summer is the time we always look forward to and hate to see leave. At least we don’t have to wait long for the holiday months to bring joy to the oncoming winter.