Monday’s Quote: Ray Bradbury

“When you reach the stars, boy, yes, and live there forever, all the fears will go, and Death himself will die.”~ Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury
Photo taken from his Goodreads Profile

I grabbed this quote last week in honor of Halloween. However, it is one that I find holds a lot of truth. This isn’t really surprising because Ray Bradbury is full of insight. I think this one spoke to me because my parents always told me to reach for the stars. In fact, I just told them that my workaholic nature is their fault. They always told me to reach for the stars and that’s a hard task.

What speaks to me is the idea of living forever. When I have periods where I want to give up on my dreams, I become depressed. Even when I’m not thinking about the dreams I’ve given up, my attitude remains bleak. I am happiest when I am pursuing my dreams…a lot more tired, but happy. I feel as if I can live forever. “Death” himself dies away. I am truly whole.

I think we should all strive for something. Otherwise, we are merely existing on this planet, but not truly living.

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