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Queen of Distractions

I have decided that I have a talent besides writing…becoming distracted. I fill my life with “necessities.” During the weekend, I do the laundry or clean the house. I wash the car and walk the dogs. During the week, besides working multiple jobs, I find I absolutely need to catch up on television shows that I’ve missed. I think of all the countless hours wasted…hours I could be using to write.

I am starting to think this is human nature. Even if writing isn’t the thing that drives you, is there something you daydream about doing when there’s “more time?” Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we fill our lives with distractions and necessities that probably aren’t so dire? My spiritual side tells me this is the devil trying to keep me from doing what I love, but I tend to think it is my own fault. I am so used to filling my life with homework from school, that when I transferred into the work force, I continued the same habit. I would rank everything else as more important than the passion I have…just because of that: one is for “pleasure” while the other things are for “livelihood.”

About two months ago, I began waking up 15 minutes earlier just so I could write a little every day. While that keeps me going, I am still mad I have to do that to stay in touch with my passion. My wish for myself, as well you if it applies, is to put the distractions away and to focus on writing. If for nothing else than to keep my heart happy and my life fulfilled. The other stuff will get done if it is truly important. It’s time to make writing a priority in my life and to stop letting myself get in the way.