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Perseverance: How can The Voice encourage all dreams?

This spring, I have been captivated by the show The Voice. I think it provides a very nice illustration of how subjective the world can be. Unlike other shows, this one presents only those who can sing. The result is an illustration of a world full of talented singers. I am left wondering, if there is that much talent in singers, what about writers? What makes me different from all the others? Some singers are good, but others are extraordinary. How do I know which one I am? 

There are two things in particular that showcases the publishing industry to me. First, the judges might pass on someone who sounds great because it is early in the auditions. Then another singer comes who might not be as good as the first, but the time is right. They have something the judges are looking for, or they have come at a time when the judges feel pressured to fill their teams. Life revolves around luck. I constantly hear it from people who break into any industry. They worked hard, yes, but then they were at the right place at the right time. It’s good to remember this in the midst of the battle to break into any business, and let that drive persistence. 

The second thing that strikes me about the show is the singers themselves. There are those who always knew they wanted to sing. There are those who did it as a hobby. There are even those who hid it from everyone but their family. But, more often than not, the singers want to propel their careers. What becomes clear are those who go in without a set plan, following whatever path life opens up, go further. The ones who walk in with a solid plan, what judge they want and all the things they can do once on the show, often leave early in heartbreak—or don’t even make it on. I think this is a good lesson to take away. Don’t over plan. I practically begged an agent to re-examine my sample because I had convinced myself they were the best for me. The result was me questioning life’s purpose when the “perfect” publisher said it “wasn’t right.” I no longer try to oversell one path. This world is tough. The more flexible someone is, the better they can survive when storms arise. 

It’s funny how one show can bring me back to the life I’ve chosen. Perhaps I see writing everywhere because it lives in me. I think that’s the same no matter the passion. We see it everywhere. The world is full of people searching for a way to accomplish dreams. I am thankful for a show like The Voice. It shows me that the world is competitive, filled with others just like me. But, it also shows me that perseverance pays off. Those who quit will never make it on the show. So I will never quit.