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Perseus: mythology’s version of David and Goliath

One of my favorite characters in Greek mythology is Perseus. I just saw a trailer for the newest Percy Jackson movie. I remember thinking not too long ago that they needed to make a second. In fact, this book series is one I have on my “want to read” list, which is forever growing.

I’m not sure what captures me the most about Perseus. Maybe that he is the illegitimate son of Zeus who ultimately defeats Medusa. I know he is a demi-god, but I like the tale of him and Medusa. It’s kind of like mythology’s version of David versus Goliath. He goes out as a young kid to prove he can bring the king any gift he desired. Many men had tried and failed at the task, but Perseus figures it out.

Yet, what I like most about Perseus is that he is not perfect. After all, pride sends him on his voyage to kill the Gorgon. In fact, this pride lands him into the king’s plot to kill him. He could easily have died from his adventure, especially since he never considered the risks. But, he survives due to a little assistance along the way, which is another thing I like. He might not have asked for it, but Perseus receives items to help solidify his success. He still had to use his skill to defeat Medusa, but it would have been harder without the assistance. This shows that even the son of Zeus is allowed to ask for help in accomplishing a task. And, if it’s okay for him, then it’s certainly okay for a mere mortal like myself.

Besides, And he comes away with a beautiful maiden to love, which is the perfect fairy tale ending. What more could a girl ask for in a mythological tale?