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My Time at Phoenix’ Comicon 2014

This weekend, I went to the Phoenix Comicon. I have a lot of writer friends who talk about going to these conventions all over the country, but I had actually never been to one. My initial idea of a “comicon” was that it was a place where fans come together to celebrate comic book characters. I would also accept movie characters to be there because there are a lot of movies based on comic books. 

It wasn’t until I actually started to pay attention that I realized comicons were really anything within that genre. In other words, anything sci-fi and fantasy are welcome. So, at this year’s comicon, I got to hear Jim Butcher speak, which was a thrill for me. 

I also got to meet Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley on the TV show, Supernatural. I heard a woman speak about how to create masterful pieces of art using water color. Finally, I also heard one of the prop creators for movie franchises such as Ironman, Star Trek and The Winter Soldier. 

What fascinated me about this convention was the amount of creative people present in one place. For instance, I marveled at the woman’s water colors. She had created one that was a cross between a dragon and a fish. I was impressed by the creativeness of her creation. I know that may sound weird coming from a writer, but she had so much detail, down to the last scale and eye color, and that blew me away. 

Even the prop creator had his own talents. He was given such minimal desires for different props in a particular movie. For instance he was told to create a weaponized bracelet for Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow. He then came up with a something that shoots mini blades and could throw a ring to choke people. And, again, the detail of how he rationalized how each element worked fascinated me. 

There are actors who have their own creative edge, just like the writers. Everyone was contributing to this one genre with the same intent to entertain and thrill their audience. And yet, everyone did so in different ways. But, isn’t that what this industry is supposed to be about? In a world that grows darker every moment, each element is trying to provide some relief. 

I think this goes back to that argument that everyone has their own talents. Even in the writing field there are those who are masters at description or characterizations or dialogue, etc. Too many times we try to compare ourselves. I need to be able to create monsters like that woman or detailed weapons like the prop guy. In actuality, we don’t need to be just like them. We need to be our own identity. 

What did I carry away from Phoenix’s Comicon? The world is filled with unique individuals with similar interests. We all want to be joyous. We all want to be entertained. But, most of all, we all have different talents. And there is nothing wrong with that.