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My Favorite God: Hermes

I’m not sure why, but Hermes has always been my favorite among the Olympian gods. I think that’s partly why he is the only Olympian god who has an actual character in my series, instead of just a country title. My love for him came while building his throne for an art project. Scepters on either end, a rolled scroll for the chair, and winged boots for the base.

I love the idea of winged shoes. The mythology is that it would make him travel faster as he traveled between other worlds. Every now and then, I see the symbol at track races or on shoe ads. I don’t typically view birds as “fast,” but running with wings is too cool to analyze.

His role amongst the gods seemed minor. A messenger between them and the god of travelers. Not something people would miss tremendously if he were to disappear from mythology. And yet, there he was amongst my favorite. I think I like the idea that the big gods like Zeus had to rely on him. If he wasn’t around, they couldn’t conduct business, so, in a way, his absence would be missed.

Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Maybe it speaks to the writer side of me, but he is by far my favorite.