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Monday’s Quote: William Saroyan

“I can’t hate for long. It isn’t worth it.”~ William Saroyan
William Saroyan
Photo taken from his Goodreads Profile
I always find people who carry around drama very curious. It seems like a lot of effort to handle all that emotion every day. On the same note, it is difficult to carry around hate. I know when I am feeling such a strong feeling toward someone or something, it eats away at my day. Eventually, it eats away at my soul. Everything is darker…I am a darker person. When I teach, I tell my students that it takes too much energy to “hate” them.
But, on the flip side, I think the world would do better focusing more on compassion than on hate. Hate typically comes from a place of misunderstanding or a refusal to acknowledge. I think there is too much senseless hate in the world today. Don’t worry, I won’t get onto the “world peace” speech, but sometimes I want to ask all those who conduct violence with hate at the foundation…is it worth it? Is the effort put in and the lives lost and the sacrifices all worth it? Or…as the old adage says…couldn’t we all just get along?
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