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Monday’s Quote: Suzanne Collins

“Aim higher in case you fall short.”~ Suzanne Collins

This was by far the most popular quote last week. It is a pretty straight forward quote and therefore appealed to me on a blatant level. Growing up, my father always taught us to reach for the stars. My brother for the longest time wanted to be in the NBA. Likely? No. But my father never uttered a word of discouragement. He even drove my brother up to Phoenix to participate in a state basketball team. He paid for camps at the University of Arizona. When I was twelve and said I wanted to be a published novelist, he immediately pushed me toward this dream. He is the first to argue with me if I share any doubt about continuing on. I remember stating that I didn’t think I would make it to the NY Times bestseller, the odds were not in my favor. (Okay, bad pun, I know.)

Reach higher. Reach for the NBA. Reach for the NY Times Bestseller. Reach for further, because, even if I fall short, I still find success. It’s better than settling for something small. Reach, but be realistic. I love that concept.

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