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Monday’s Quote: Neil Gaiman

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.” ~Neil Gaiman

This is by far the most popular quote last week. I think it is my favorite as well. I spent a lot of time discussing why I write. Gaiman pretty much sums it up in one sentence. The world is brighter when I write. In fact, if I go too long without writing a story, I get moody and depressed. Everything in life is horrible and I no longer like my life.

But, the moment I begin creating, the world opens like the skies after a storm. I am refreshed and renewed. My spirit is lifted and I love life once again. This is how I know I could never stop writing. Even if, one day, I am kicked out of the writing world, I know I will still be hidden in my room typing out the movies playing in my head. My only wish is that everyone can find something they feel the same way about.

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