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Monday’s Quote: Mark Twain

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ~Mark Twain

I think most readers can relate to this quote. And, while I have heard the first two a lot, the one I love is the “sleepy conscience.” It’s not something that we think of a lot, especially nowadays. I know in my life, I am always on the go. My “days of rest” have slowly turned into “days of catch up work”. My mind is constantly strategizing how to maximize the hours in the day. The more advanced the technology, the busier I get. I have mastered the art of doing three things at once…although my memory is starting to suffer. I blame it on living by surviving the moment and not capturing it.

In fact, reading is the only time I can justify stopping. I treasure the days I can sit for hours and enjoy a novel. I tell myself it is better than watching television, because at least my brain is somewhat active. I think most of us can work on the sleepy conscience more in our lives: enjoy a stroll with the dogs, or maybe just swing on the glider out back in the twilight of day. So, let us slow down for just a moment and treasure this short time we have to live.

On that note, I start my full-time job teaching teenagers today. I will still post every day, but if the times fluctuate, then you will know the cause. But it shouldn’t take me long to find my routine…I am the queen of schedules, after all.

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