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Monday’s Quote: JK Rowling

“What’s coming will come and we’ll just have to meet it when it does.”~ J. K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling
Photo taken from her Twitter Feed

I think what I love most about Rowling’s novels is that, while the work is fantasy, the meanings inside are applicable to reality. Someone once asked me if fantasy novels served a purpose. I told them I thought they actually had the added benefit of hiding messages inside entertainment. Someone picks up Harry Potter because they like wizards and then they get a dosage of philosophy and morality as well. This quote is no exception.

There is an uncontrollable nature to life. I can prep and strategize until my heart’s content, but something might happen to upset it all. Sometimes we just have to take what’s coming and deal with it as it arrives. I love that idea. I think it appeals to me because I am a worrier. Left to my own devices, I can worry myself into literal sickness. I loose sleep. I stop eating. I even get an upset stomach. It all is silly. I will survive whatever comes my way. I just need to meet it head on and not worry until it gets there.

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