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Monday’s Quote: Jerry Seinfeld

“And that’s when I realized, when you’re a kid you don’t need a costume, you ARE superman.”~ Jerry Seinfeld

My theme for quotes last week was Halloween. Therefore, when I thought about posting today, I was tempted to pull from another week. But then I re-read this quote. Be prepared to watch me spin this into a non-Halloween message in the most English-major fashion.

I remember when I was young my parents would always tell me to just survive childhood. They would say nobody wishes to go back. Heading into my thirties, I would have to agree with this. There are no amount of nap times that would make me repeat it. Childhood is a time of discovery, which is not an easy task. I think of it like sanding a raw mineral. The process is not fun for the rock, but in the end it is smooth, shiny, colorful and something worthy to display. That is childhood. Friends come and go, people change, and ultimately, we survive.

But, there is something I would love to go back to. Ignorance. My world view was so laughably small, but so was everyone else’s. Yet, we all thought we understood the world. We were Superman. Entering into adulthood, I think the world starts to steal this away. It tells us there are at least a billion people with my exact talent and who may be better. It tells me that getting what I want is no longer a matter of asking for it. I have to work for it…and then maybe not get it. And, somewhere in the struggle, it steals our confidence.

Even though the phrase sounds like a comedic joke, I think our chant should be “I am superman.” I am capable of anything. I am good. I am unique. I am worthy. The key is not to let the world convince you otherwise.

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