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Monday’s Quote: Jenny Han

“Would you rather live one perfect day over and over or live your life with no perfect days but just decent ones?”~ Jenny Han

Jenny Han
Photo taken from her Goodreads profile

I discovered this writer last week when searching quotes for my Twitter feed. I think I found another great quote source considering the selection. This quote in particular stuck with me all week. One perfect day or multiple decent ones? I think I relate to this because people are always saying “Be careful what you wish for,” and this quote has that undertone.

One perfect day. In order to be perfect, I would guess I’d have to get everything I ever wanted. The stars would align and I would be happy….but for one day, because the implication is that everything will go wrong after that one day. But, for that day, if I made it to the New York Times bestseller…. I don’t know.

I think this goes back to the idea of what makes someone “happy.” Is it one great moment, or should life be more than this? I, for one, think we should see the joy in all the little moments. So, while my days at a distance look “decent,” there is joy in them all. Do I ever have the rocket-to-the-moon moment? Maybe not. But do I need that to be happy? Probably not.

My ultimate goal is to get through this life and look back without regret. I want to say I lived. I want to say I enjoyed the ride. I don’t want to say I had one shining moment in the midst of darkness.

Do you agree? I would love to hear your thoughts.