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Monday’s Quote: Hilaire Belloc

“Write as the wind blows and command all words like an army!”~ Hilaire Belloc

Hilaire Belloc
Photo taken from his Goodreads profile

I have been thinking a lot about marketing recently. Mainly, I’ve been trying to understand how to market online without seeming like the equivalent of a telemarketer on social media. For me, it is hard to wear two hats at the same time. I can’t seem to edit, market and write novels all at the same time. I am just not structured that way. But, when I am not writing, I miss it. I’m thinking about it. I think that is why a lot of my quotes on twitter last week revolved around writing.
I love this one. Take control of writing. Take control of your words. It sounds so easy and yet is so difficult at times. Yet, I think it speaks to a willpower in writing. Many say to write and to make it a priority. Schedule it in, do it, don’t let anything stop you. The essence of that thought is in this quote. Write. Don’t judge, don’t criticize, just write. Let the words overpower you. Let the story take control, but command the characters like an army. I love that visual.