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Monday’s Quote: Gabriel Marquez

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”~ Gabriel Marquez

I love this quote. I have talked a lot on here about pursuing dreams and never giving up. While a lot of people say that achievement is based a lot on luck, the other piece they agree on is that it is based on perseverance. Basically, you need to outlast the competition. I like that idea better. Not because I am patient and can wait, because, believe me, waiting drives me crazy. But I like this because I am not a lucky person. If my work has a raffle, my number is never called…unless they are drawing everyone and then it is close to last. I am not lucky. So, setting my life on this is kind of depressing.

The second reason I like this quote is because I have seen so many of my friends “settle.” They settle in their marriage, they settle in their job. They give up the aspirations they had in high school and have accepted ordinary. I’ve been tempted to do this as well. In some ways it is easier. However, whenever I do, I start to feel depressed. I start to feel “old.” What gives youth bright eyes? The possibility of the future. We should never forget that.

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