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Monday’s Quote: Edmund Burke

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”~ Edmund Burke

I am not a patient person. Yet, I find in any area of my life that patience is a requirement. Applied for a job? You must wait to see. Sent a query to an agent? Wait. Everything in life is about waiting, typically for other people. It kills me every time. I hate waiting.

And yet, I was thinking back on the “mistakes” of my life and most of them resulted from not having patience. For instance, I could have expanded my degree in college, but that would have increased my time for another year. I wanted out. I wanted to be in the “real” world. I wanted to be an adult (not sure now why I was so eager). So many doors would be open to me now if I had waited and been patient.

I think that’s true in my writing as well. I read novels where the author has taken their time. I would have skipped scenes, but they chose to develop their world. This can be overdone, but it is a good reminder that patience in storytelling is important.

Forcing things to happen will never work. So, I just need to breathe and accept that things will happen in their own time.

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