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Monday’s Quote: Dr. Seuss

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”~ Dr. Seuss

This was last week’s top quote according to my facebook page. Of course, who can go wrong with a Dr. Seuss quote? I like it for two reasons, one because it speaks to the genre I have grown to love. Fantasy fiction is a way to escape reality. The “problems” my characters face, as well as the characters I read, are no where close to the problems I face in real life. They may parallel in some metaphorical way, but they have to battle wizards and demons. It is an escape that I find refreshing. Yes, I know, I am weird.

The second reason I like this quote is because it branches to all forms of fiction, not just the fantasy genre. We all need an outlet. If it’s not books, perhaps television shows. Or camping. Or scrapbooking. We all need something that gives us a break from the demands of life. It is, as Dr. Seuss says, a necessary ingredient to life. I would add it is a necessary ingredient to a happy life.

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