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Monday’s Quote: Diane Duane

“There is a rule for fantasy writers: The more truth you mix in with a lie, the stronger it gets.”~ Diane Duane

Today’s quote is from a fantasy writer I actually have never read. I found her quote searching through goodreads. What I like about this is quote is that a lot of times people view fantasy as unlike the real world. In fact, I once heard this explanation for the difference between fantasy and sci-fi: sci-fi explains things in such a way that the reader believes it possible (i.e. the submarine before there was one or the flying car) and fantasy just has things happen (i.e. by magic).

While I agree with that to a certain extent, I believe the best fantasy touches on elements of reality. In fact, the more truth the author brings, the more the reader starts to buy into the story. Fiction is about readers accepting the story can happen and therefore caring about the characters. Fantasy is no different. “out of this world” with a touch of reality. That’s the makings of a great book.

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