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Monday’s Quote: Benjamin Franklin

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”~ Benjamin Franklin

This one speaks to my number one flaw: impatience. I actually have very little patience. I can’t stand lines or big crowds. I can’t stand to wait for anything. I even had to battle impatience in my writing. I would rush through scenes to get to what I wanted. I even ended my first novel early because I was ready for it to end. There’s no wonder why it was never published…and didn’t even get over 100 pages. People ask why I don’t drink coffee. I can only imagine how much more antsy I would be on caffeine.

I like this quote because it is a reminder that patience is truly a virtue. I need to be more patient with my life. I need to be patient with people and events. I need to be patient with goals and stories. I just need to be patient. I need to slow my life and allow things to take their natural course. As I tell my students from time to time: breathe. Relax. And don’t worry so much.

Happy Monday, everyone. Are you ready for the New Year?

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