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Monday’s Quote: Amy Bloom

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful” ~ Amy Bloom

Photo taken from her Goodreads Profile

I think I love this quote for two reasons. The first is obviously a “love yourself” message. I think this is actually missing from society today…at least in the US. I heard a news segment last week that was discussing a children’s camp that was trying to teach kids not to say negative things.

The first of this is the obvious criticism of other girl’s looks. But the story went further. What about someone saying, “Look at her hair. It is so much better than mine.” I love this quote. You are different. You are not “supermodel” perfect. But, with Photoshop and such I wonder if anyone is. We are perfect for our flaws. I like that.

The second reason I love this quote is because it also points toward the type of characterization I’ve been discussing this past year. Characters need flaws. That is what makes them relatable and interesting. A flawed character can drive a story much better than a perfect one.

I am imperfect, irreversibly flawed…and I am beautiful because of this. That is a statement to live by.