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Monday’s Quote: Albert Camus

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”~ Albert Camus

I tend to be a pretty negative person. I think it comes from two factors: One, I over-pressure myself to set/achieve goals. Two, I am a complete perfectionist and expect others to be as well. I discovered a few years ago that this negativity and disappointment was slowly eating away at me. I was living my life, but not enjoying it. As a child, I remember participating in Oprah’s gratitude journal. The practice was to write three things I was grateful for every day. I made another rule–because that’s what I do–that I could not repeat the gratitude for at least a week. That way, I really had to look at the small things in life. It transformed the way I saw the world…at least while I participated.

I am no longer doing that, but have rested on my faith and mindset. I try–although fail on some days–to find the light in my days. I love this quote because it reminds me that, even when everything may be dark and dreary in my life, I have so many things to appreciate. I am a lucky girl and I have to remember the blessings. I have to enjoy the sunrise instead of letting it happen unnoticed. I have to take a moment to breathe instead of focusing on the fast-lane drive toward the “pursuit of happiness.” I have to remember that the day is dreary only if I let it be. Because I am in control of my outlook. Inside of me lies an invincible summer.

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