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Monday’s Quote

“Who would you be but who you are?” ~ Terry Brooks, The Black Unicorn

I like this quote not only because it comes from a great Fantasy novel series, but also because it speaks to me as a writer. Yet, I think it speaks to anyone with a dream. We just celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, and I am blessed with a mom who continues to tell me to follow my dreams. Since graduation, I have watched many friends give up and settle for ordinary. I refuse, partly because of her insistence. But I also refuse because of this quote. Who would I be if not a writer?

I was never “normal” or “popular.” I would like to say I always lived proud of who I am, but high school is a cruel place sometimes. I can say that now I do. I live proud to be a writer. I am proud to be different, even if that means giving up on what society determines is best for me. Who can I be but what I am? That is a great question, and one I live my life by.

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