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Monday’s Post: William Faulkner

Look who’s running late this morning! 🙂 Today’s quote:

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore. ”~ William Faulkner

I love quoting the classics from time to time…it makes me appear cultured. In actuality I’ve only read a couple of Faulkner’s short stories during my BA. He is a difficult author to understand with all of his hidden meanings. However, I think this quote is pretty straightforward.

I think the trouble I have making changes in my life stems from me being a complete coward. I need a safety net. These can take various forms depending on what decisions I’m trying to make. But, what I find is that before I attempt a dream or a life goal, I have to have one hand holding onto something stable…typically the past I’m trying to leave. I envy those who can leap. For instance, a friend of mine moved to Mexico with her mother without having a job, knowing where they were going to stay, etc. They just had faith and moved. Granted, she had some family in the area, but she said a prayer and set out on adventure. The same friend decided she wanted to do a mission in Africa…and she did it.

Me, I have to make sure the time I left would fit just right with my schedule. I have to plan and make sure everything will be okay. I would never move without having a job lined up and all my ducks in order. The trouble with this? I don’t find changes in my life very often. Don’t get me wrong. Responsibility is a good thing. But, I think Faulkner is right. If I desire a change in my life, sometimes I have to let go of the past and just take a leap of faith. Easier said than done….