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Meet The Characters – Zeus Defended


"Be careful what you ask a Zeusian to do, especially one belonging to the army." 
Working as Jocasta's second in comand, Brasidas is a skilled fighter. For decades, he bled for Zeus, but now he will defend Jocasta to the end. As they uncover the truth about the Zeus government, Brasidas must come to learn his place in the world. Does he serve Zeus beyond all measure? Or does he follow his heart, which may be tugging him closer to the Atlantis shores?


"I have everything under control."
The art of warfare is quickly changing with the introduction of a glass-shooting sniper--and Jocasta is the best in the world. Her talent landed her as the head of Zeus' Imperial Guard, an elite force of Immortals, before the age of twenty. She lead them with lethal skill until her world is shaken. She is forced to question if her own country betrayed her. When loyalty and honor define her, Jocasta must reexamine her role in Zeus. And she must do so secretly before being marked a traitor in her own country. 


"Because I am the only one on your side."
Growing up wrongly accused as Atlantis' Curse took a toll on Pandora. Now, as ambassador, she must find the confidence it takes to represent her country. As she takes on her first major assignment, Pandora must learn to trust her instincts, as well as how to work with a woman whose beliefs and agendas seem to contradict what is best for Atlantis. Trying to find her place outside of Nicias' leadership is hard, but building a legacy beyond her childhood is even harder.Yet, it is something she must overcome if she wants to continue as ambassador...or even make it out of Zeus alive.