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Meet the Characters – Shattering Boundaries

Chloe Parker

“You don’t want me. I mess everything up. I have nothing to offer you.”

While most 16-year-olds try to be normal, Chloe longs to overcome the countless labels thrown her way: PTSD, Eating Disorder and Reactive Attachment disorder. She has overcome a lot of darkness in her young life, but she has much more to offer. When the world is threatened by creatures of dream, she will soon learn these labels do not define her, but empower her to defy the odds.


“I can do this alone “

Words can cut deep into the soul and, for Tess, these emotional wounds followed her into the afterlife as electrically-charged scars that rip across her body--evidence of the traumatic hand life dealt. While shooting electricity from her scars comes in handy as Chief Guardian, overcoming the anger and lack of trust is much harder. Yet, when her mentor is assassinated, Tess must redefine her existence, fighting beyond a past that defines her in order to take down a darkness that threatens all existence.


“The last thing the Department of Order wishes to do is offend those we serve.”

A creature of dream, Kamahalan is a brilliant blend of panther and human. As the Deputy of Order, her job is to serve the governess of the north-eastern hemisphere by guarding the dream world from unruly spirits, maintaining order among the creatures of dream, and protecting the dreaming subconsciousness of all creatures. So, when a dark force threatens to collapse the veil between reality and dream, Kamahalan must lead her guardians in a fight to stop them...that is, if she is not a part of the darkness as well.