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Meet The Characters – Lord of Nightmares


"I wanted to do something good before I become something evil." 
As part of the game world, Jasper is one of The Lost. Having given up on playing, he waits until his ninth life is taken to officially lose. Through a course of events, he stumbles into guiding a group of misfit men looking for support in a hateful world. Upon meeting Madison, he talks the group into helping her solve her riddle, wanting more than anything to see someone win the game. 


"I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it so I won't become one of them." 
Madison moved to Flagstaff, Arizona as a freshman in college. She longed to escape the tragedy of her best friend's suicide. She never thought she would become involved with the same beings that drove him to his death. After being chosen by the Lord of Nightmares, she finds herself involved in a game for her soul. In this world reminiscent of the Wild-West, she has nine lives to solve a riddle and earn her life back. Otherwise, she must become one of these monsters.

The Lord of Nightmares:

"I wish to play a game with you, Madison." 
Best of his kind, the Lord of Nightmares is a cousin to the vampire. Instead of blood, his addiction is playing a game of wit. He plagues the world, looking for and tormenting future players, testing them. Upon deeming them worthy, they enter into his game world. If they win, he lets them go. If they lose, they become part of his race.