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Meet The Characters – Challenging Fate


"I’m saying we make him pay. I’m saying I can set it up.”

The Montgomery name is notorious around his hometown, but Charley seems to revel in his isolation. When friends are limited and family is complicated, he knows there is nothing he wouldn’t do to defend those closest to him. Even if that means revealing a family secret and breaking a vow he his family had made long ago: to let fate handle the future.


“I faced my worst fear when my parents died. Nothing much scares me now.”

Joanna is the typical free-spirited, stubborn teenager populating high school. Yet, there is darkness inside that denies her any enjoyment in her past experiences. As she wallows in self-loathing, she soon finds herself wrapped up in a plot for revenge. What appeared to be traditional teenage drama soon spirals out of control and the only person she could turn to is the one person she had been pushing away since her parent’s death.


“I wanted to take care of her myself. I wanted to prove that I could.”

Morgan’s life changed in a single night with a fiery crash. When her parents died, Morgan found herself the guardian of her sister. She must take on the task of raising her sister when she herself is trying to find her place in the world. She thought what they needed was a fresh start, but she soon finds that fresh starts are not always as great as they appear.