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Meet The Characters – Atlantas Cursed


"I want to know what you are going to do next." 
Named after the mythical Greek messenger, this god-like man is torn between two obligations: the committee that controls all Immortals and serving the goddess of their world. While he knows more about the world than any other, he strictly follows rules and guidelines set for his assignments. When the committee chooses Nicias as Pandora's next protector, he questions the decision but faithfully takes it upon himself to monitor the situation. The rocky history of the two men plague their conversations as they battle how best to help the child and ultimately save her.


"Don't you worry about me, my Child. I won't leave you." 
He is known throughout the country as Nicias of Gaea even though he fled his home country as a teenager, seeking a better life. Finding prosperity in Atlantis, he's served in the army for over a century, bending the rules and pushing the limits. Yet, with all his stubbornness, he is still known as the best soldier to serve in the fighting forces, and not just because of the advantage his telekinesis brings. When Pandora's family is killed, he is the only one strong enough to become her Protector, an assignment new to him. From the start, he knew he would fight all who tried to harm her. As he raises the girl and loves her as a father, he must come to terms with the possibility that she might be the monster the country believes her to be.


"I just seem to lose all control when in danger."
Pandora was born from an immortal man and his mortal wife, a trait that highlighted her as unique from birth. Her happiness was shortlived when, as a child, she watched her family die in a blazing fire set by one of Atlantis' kings. She grows up haunted by rumors her wolf form plagues the farming communities, many not trusting her nature. Raised as a weapon in the army creates a tortured soul, but ultimately she strives to belong.