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Meet the Characters – Artemis Survived


“I am here to reunite an estranged father and son. But, most of all, I am here to protect that boy.”

It’s been three years since Pandora made a name for herself as Atlantis Ambassador in a treaty with Zeus. She married, accepted her deserved life of happiness, and settled into the routine of her job. But, when haunting images of her sister plague her, Pandora must come to terms with her emotions about past decisions. But, duty comes first and a young boy discovered in Artemis needs her escort back to his father with the promises of negotiating a treaty. As she continues her journey, Pandora learns she has more in common with this forsaken child. And, ultimately, she must question where duty ends and where protecting this boy begins.



“We need to get out of here.”

Three years of marriage has made him soft. Not sure what his new role in Atlantis is, Brasidas settles on traveling by Pandora’s side. He cannot deny his military instincts when she’s ordered to escort a young boy back to his father. The odds are stacked against them as this is a dark country that thrives on the sacrificial blood of others and the mission seems doomed from the start. While he can traditionally follow orders, when it comes to his wife’s survival, he cannot stand complacent anymore. He must balance the new demand for his inner soldier while protecting his relationship with his wife. And, ultimately, he must decide if the boy is worth saving or if they will all die trying.



“It was me. I was cursed…just like they said. I knew I caused it all.”

When the battered fourteen-year-old is found on Atlantis shores, the Imperial Chief of Artemis requests Atlantis return his estranged son. This quiet and tormented boy seems anything but willing to return to his home country, haunted by events he refuses to share. But, he is Artemis—with markings on his face to prove it. He is, by definition, an outsider to the entire world. That makes trusting others much too hard. Daedalus must come to terms with what drove him out of Artemis. He also must learn to trust that maybe the people who love him the most is not his own blood.