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Meet BJ Kurtz

Be captivated by BJ Kurtz in her must read works of fiction.  Whether it is following the adventures of Pandora as she travels Atlantis in a fantasy fiction or examining the supernatural world around us all, BJ Kurtz captivates her audience with imaginative fiction.

BJ Kurtz works in two must read areas. The first is her exploration in the supernatural world. The Lord of Nightmares is a must read for anyone questioning the evils in this life. In this paranormal thriller, BJ Kurtz explains evil crimes with a supernatural force. This imaginative story is unlike any story out there, and yet it is deeply rooted in the paranormal thrillers that are present in today’s pop culture. Vampires have nothing on her Nightmares and their supernatural game of wit. Our world is a crazy place. Expect more coming in this paranormal genre.

BJ Kurtz also provides a fantasy must read experience in her Atlantis series. This series began by questioning whether Atlantis was ever truly destroyed. In this imaginative story, BJ explains the event as a transformation to an alternate reality. Here, Atlantis is thriving and still dominating. This Atlantis series follows a young child named Pandora. The series opens with accusations of murder and the loss of her family. Pandora must face tremendous odds throughout the Atlantis series. But, she is the picture of human strength in dire times. This imaginative fantasy fiction is a must read for any wanting to examine the coming of age as Pandora grows from a child to a career woman in a male-dominated society.

In all of BJ Kurtz’s fiction, she loves to explore moral dilemmas and social standards. Readers are already captivated by her characters. Become invested in their heroic stories. Read stories that are unique and yet stories everyone can relate to: love and loss, loyalty and betrayal, life’s beauty and death. Be captivated by the stories themselves. Whether it is her paranormal adventures or her fantasy fiction, BJ Kurtz has a grasp on what her readers enjoy. Fall in love with her imaginative fiction that will ultimately leave any reader wanting more. And look forward to new stories in the near future!