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Meet Athena: God of Knowledge

In Arizona, most schools are starting back this week. Therefore, in honor of this, I wanted to highlight the Greek god of teachers. Much to my disappointment, there are no Greek gods of teaching. It is kind of depressing and yet also poetic. Teaching tends to be an underappreciated profession in today’s society. Apparently it was the same in Greek mythology.

The closest god that comes close is Athena, the goddess of wisdom…among a long list of other things. In our society, we also put wisdom on a pedestal. We state freedom is linked to an educated society. Teachers tell students they must think for themselves, not follow another’s opinions. Knowledge is key. Many do not stop to think how this knowledge is obtained. As adults, it is expected to be gathered independently. Read a book, vary your sources, open your minds…etc. Do everything you can to help gain knowledge.

But, when we are young, the optimum avenue is through good teachers. So, today, I just want to take a moment and thank all of my former teachers. You helped shape not only the person I am, but also my writing career. You are the backbone of our society and the key to our future.