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Light and Creativity

Sometimes the writer’s mind amazes me. I wish there were psychology books out there that pick it apart. Or at the very least tells me that I am not as abnormal as I feel at times. But I guess that would appeal to a small market. Anyway, I was thinking about the process of writing this afternoon. I have been accepted into an online writing class for the Odyssey Charitable Trust. I had my first homework assignment this weekend. Time is tight, but I love that I had to sit down and write today. It’s situations like this that make me think I would thrive on a deadline. Excuses can’t get in the way then.

Anyway, I was sluggish all day. Nothing was coming to me. I worked on the part of my assignment that didn’t involve creativity, only looking at other writer’s work. My English background thrived and I felt the joy of being a student analyzing a story. I miss that a lot. Soon, the time came for me to enter into the writing portion of the assignment. Just about that time, dusk was approaching. Immediately, ideas started clicking and words started flowing. As the sun set and the light faded to dark, I was able to type with ease. Things that had troubled me before were annihilated without effort. By the time night fell and the creative feeling was gone, I had an introductory scene for one of my characters.

I have always been this way. Early in the morning or late at night have always been the easiest times for my creativity. I would break through many blocks during these hours. Words I had to fight to receive during the afternoon suddenly flowed out like a raging river.

I wish I understood the power behind this. I’m sure there is some psychological explanation as to why it happens. I also wonder if other writers are the same way. I think this stems from my constant marveling at the fact that others are just as quirky as I am. I am most definitely not unique when it comes to the writing world. But, I find myself looking for the day when even the writing community thinks I’m a little weird. But that’s another psychological exploration.

What drives creativity? What inspires ideas to come from the most mundane? Why does light affect my mood? I wonder if this impact on my writing has more to do with the emotion rather than the light. For instance, when I get down in the dumps, my emotions often swing into creative juices. But what causes this? Maybe I’m just an academic, but if someone could capture the workings of a writer’s mind…I would spend money on that book. Then again, maybe without the mystery, writing would no longer be unique and I would be out of a business. I guess I will settle with not knowing and just enjoy the ride.