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Life Lessons with a Paramore Song

Most songs out today are about love…or maybe lust. In fact, I bet I could describe the beginning, middle and end of a relationship just by pairing songs together. But, every now and then a song comes out that speaks to something more. I find that is the case with Paramore’s song “Ain’t It Fun.” Before I explain my position, you should know that in school I was always accused of seeing an “interesting” twist to poetry analysis. Part of what I like about poetry…or any literature analysis for that matter…is that we bring our own baggage to any song, poem, story that we read. This song popped up during a time when the topic of “real world” versus the “teenage perception of the real world” was flowing through my mind. Therefore, while I know this is technically a break up song, here is how I believe there is a hidden “truth.”

“Ain’t it fun?  
Living in the real world.

Ain’t it good?Being all alone”

This is repeated so many times throughout the song that it is the part that sticks with me. It’s a sad thought, to be all alone. But it is something I keep reading in writer books and marketing books, etc. You’re all alone. Nobody is going to care as much about your talent as you do. Now, there are resources and a “we’re in this together” feel to a lot of groups. But, what I’ve found is that everyone is out for their own agenda. So, while they are nice and I have learned a lot from a lot of awesome people (writers and business people alike) no one is going to do the work for me. No one is going to hold my hand. I’m on my own, in that sense. 
“So what are you gonna do When the world don’t orbit around you?”
This is going to sound conceited, but I think the number one thing that I had to learn in my 20’s is that the world is not about my dreams and my ambitions. While my friends and family will listen to whatever crazy idea I have, the real world doesn’t really care—not unless it benefits them. I think we leave adolescence thinking the world will listen because we can write a riveting story, or because we have a huge talent, or because I am a “good” person. But, I soon learned the world is big and there are millions of others just like me. I need to stand out. I need to put in a lot of effort to be noticed…in the right way.
“You see its easy to ignore trouble
When you’re living in your bubble”
My parents used to tell me that I was “sheltered.” I used to think they were crazy. But it’s true. We tend to “bubble” our kids. Protect them from the harshness of the real world. Everyone gets a ribbon. Everyone who tries hard will be successful. The harshness of the world is shielded from us. Then we enter the real world, the bubble breaks, and we realize just how difficult life can be. 
I love this song…even if my analysis exists in my own bubbled world. What songs speak to you?