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Inspiration from Mother Nature

July in Arizona is known as the Monsoon season. Typically, this is where we see the most of our rain fall in the course of five weeks. It also provides quite the entertainment of lightning, rain/hail, and flooding. And, being an Arizona native, you’d think I would have quite the selection of stormy pictures to show. But I never seem to take pictures unless on vacation. So, I thought instead I would link my local newspaper to share some awesome pics. My favorite is number 6/17. Below is an awesome lightning shot a friend of mine caught a few nights ago.

July is also the month I tend to write the most. The darkness of the storms…the unnerving roll of thunder…the rain pounding the window…it all creates quite the nerves. For me, these nerves are the perfect ingredient for a writing session. Luckily, I have a laptop, so I don’t have to worry about losing anything to power outages…in fact that may even compel me to write even more!

This year is proving to be very active, and therefore productive for my writing. I love Arizona for this month especially. But also hope everyone stays safe through this crazy time.