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Holiday Craziness

Yet again, another Black Friday has come and gone. Every year, as the pictures of crazy crowds fill the nightly news, I always wonder if a I am missing out. Not for the reason you might suspect. I would never be a consumer on such a day. Black Friday is about big deals…but it also brings huge crowds. It, therefore, would be tempting to do a book signing…especially in a mall’s bookstore. I wonder if my sales would increase, or if the crowd would be too focused on their Christmas list.

I remember when I was first starting out. One of the newest Harry Potter books had just come out. I made a deal with the bookstore that I would arrive right when they opened early for the new release. I sold twice as many books on that morning. It was great. It helped that I was selling The Curse of Atlantis, which is a fantasy story. But I gained larger access to a readership looking to buy. I wish I could think this savvy on a regular basis.

This event makes me curious if Black Friday would be similar. But, every year, I don’t think of it in time. Or, perhaps I am a chicken underneath. I mean…those people on the news are crazy! In either cause, I hope every one of you had a marvelous holiday weekend. I wish you all the very best as the shopping season has just begun. And, as you shop, maybe purchase a book from a new author. Books make perfect gifts, after all. 🙂