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Hera, the Mother of all Gods

Okay, so technically Hera is not the god of mothers, but as Zeus’ wife, that puts her as the leader of them. She is known for her beauty, her symbol being the peacock. It is said the peacock’s feathers look like eyes, her eyes watching. And she had to watch, keeping track of Zeus affairs and betrayals.

What I like most about Hera are her imperfections and contradictions. She was the mother of Hebe, the goddess of youth, a good thing. But then she was also the mother of Ares, the god of war. She was the goddess of marriage, and yet her marriage was rocky at best. She would attempt to kill any illegitimate children of Zeus . She stood so strong, he couldn’t control her, only try to out strategize. She is both good and bad, someone who would make an interestingly flawed character in any novel.

But she fought for family…even if her methods were questionable. For that, she fit into her role of Queen of the gods nicely. And for that, she is easily a “motherly” figure on Mount Olympus…but maybe not in the nurturing sense.