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Monday’s Quote: George R.R. Martin

“Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.”~ George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin
Photo taken from his Goodreads Profile

I think I can relate to this quote because it speaks to my past. School can be a cruel place, and I believe that girls can be the worst. Most who know me know that I experienced a “defining moment’ in my childhood. It marked me and shaped who I am today. If I were to sit down with a psychiatrist, they probably would attribute many insecurities and defenses to this one event. It took me years and years not to “bleed” at the slightest word.

I’m not sure what eventually got me past the event. It still defines me, but I no longer cry over it. In fact, I have even forgiven those involved and truly wish them the best in life. I began on this path of survival through a loving family who talked this issue through every time it resurfaced. But, I didn’t truly find peace until I solidified my faith.

What I have learned is that life can be super hard. It can haunt us and bring us to the breaking point. But, as a human race, we are survivors. We can overcome any obstacle. For me, I could not have done so without my family and God. But, no matter what gets us through the dark times, we have to hold on to the hope that it will get better. We will not bleed forever. Positive thinking is the key.

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