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Five Things Tinker Bell Taught Me: a cat’s life

Growing up, I had a cat named Tinker Bell. Here are a few things she taught me.

1. The sweetest things can come from the wickedest of circumstances. When we obtained her mother, we weren’t planning on a litter. But, at six months our cat became pregnant with Tinker Bell’s litter. This mom was wild. She rubbed against people’s legs, suck them into petting, and then attack with claws extended. She would hide in hallways to attack feet. She even got hit by a car, crawled home, and still managed to live another thirteen years. But Tinker Bell, a cuddly kitten, came from her. It’s good to remember that sometimes life can deliver a lot of evil, but many times the best things arise from it.
2. When you get kicked out of one spot, find another. Her said mother also kicked her out of our front yard and the back belonged to the dog. Therefore, Tinker Bell had to find other places to roam. I find this relevant, especially in a profession like writing. There are a lot of publishing houses and agents who might not think I am good for them. But, there is a place for me. So I might bounce from place to place, but eventually I will find my spot.
3. Being held back on a leash is never good. One year, the city placed a quarantine on all city animals. I think it had something to do with skunks in the city. Anyway, my parents were going to ignore the order until said mother cat decided the one person she loved was the nice animal control agent patrolling the neighborhood. Trying to cater to our outside cats, we decided on a leash. Tinker Bell tasted freedom, lunged for the gate, and found herself propelled back to the house. She ignored my father for years after the incident (he was the one to put her on the leash). Don’t allow anyone/anything to hold you back. Forever grow and explore.
4. Sometimes we must do undesirable things. I was in elementary school for most of Tinker Bell’s life. Therefore, I dressed her up and paraded her around. She was not a willing participant, tolerating it until she could escape. One time she made off still wearing a shirt and shorts I never saw again. But, at the end of the day, it was my bed she slept on. Sometimes, life requires us to do undesirable things; school, bills, activities. We have to do them, because the rewards are better than solitude.
5. Life is too short and unpredictable, so make the most of it. Tinker Bell died right after I graduated from High School. She was only eleven at the time. Due to her outcast state, she wandered the neighborhood wash where coyotes eventually found her. Life is too short. There are so many uncontrollable things that can change our lives forever. Spend life pursuing your passion. Spend it reaching for the stars. But, most of all, spend it loving those around you. That is the only way to live.