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ECFL Tour is HERE!

I am honored to host the Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers summer blog tour for this weekend! Let me take a moment to introduce you to my books, some great summer reads if I do say so myself. ;)

The Curse of Atlantis

What is it about? What if Atlantis never perished all those years ago? What if it exists on a parallel world, believing in a second chance at life? Two thousand years later, a small child is accused of being Atlantis’ curse due to her ability to transform into a wolf. Their king, wishing to regain power, murders her family, and places her into the army to be exploited in a devastating war. Knowing that an innocent life is in danger, a religious-centered committee calls upon the only man capable of handling such a challenge.

As he hesitantly takes the assignment, he will find himself fighting against the numerous kings who control Atlantis, while performing his job within the army and pleasing the wishes of the watchful committee. Together, these two lost souls will try to find their way through times of turmoil without falling victim to the curse’s short legacy and the child’s forgotten past.

Why is it a great summer read? From the start, this book will bring you into the life of a child who has lost it all and the man who will go to any lengths to save her. This is a father/daughter story that will capture you from the first page. Is she innocently accused or truly the monster everyone believes her to be?

The Lord of Nightmares

What is it about? What if this world was haunted by supernatural beings toying with people’s lives for sport? Madison never questioned events in her life until her friend, David, commits suicide. Years later, a man walks into her life with answers to all her questions, but this is no ordinary man. He is the Lord of Nightmares, part of a supernatural species conducting the ultimate game of wit with human pawns. Madison will find the answers to her questions come at a price. When what is at stake is her soul, Madison has no room for error as she enters a game of wit against the lord, best of his kind. Before the game is over, Madison will come to understand that only one question is worth asking: What will I do to survive?

Why is it a great summer read? This is an examination on the human spirit and the lengths people will go to save their future. This book will make you question “ordinary” events that happen in life. Are they simply tragic, or are we all puppets in a game of wit? The twists and turns in this story will leave you wondering if Madison will ever be the same again.

For more information on myself as well as these books, including reader reviews and buying information, please visit my website:


  1. Naomi Musch

    Wow, BJ! Great concepts. I’m out enjoying the ECFL Summer Blog tour,and these both sound like intense, layered reads — and rather haunting! God bless. Enjoy the tour!

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