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Can you Beat Fiction Characters

I was reading Nathan Bransford’s blog this morning and immediately got excited. The captivating title is “The Rory Gilmore reading challenge.” If you have never seen Gilmore Girls, then you would not understand my excitement. But, I LOVED that show. The witty banter between mother and daughter was just as entertaining as the soap opera story lines. I wanted to live in a place like Stars Hollow and be as smart as Rory (and still have the affections of all the boys).

What I secretly envied is the amount of books they claimed the character read. In fact, she was always seen carrying, referencing, or reading a book. I used to think the amount of reading she did was unrealistic. However, I have since met people like her so have learned that I’m just a slow reader.

Someone, with a lot more time than I have, put together a list of the books she “read” over the course of the seven seasons. The challenge is how many of the 339 novels have you read. I secretly hate these challenges because, even though I am an English major, I rarely score very high. I blame my teachers who picked obscure books instead of classics in an attempt to broaden our opinions. Anyway, I took the challenge and scored a despicable 14. Guess I’m adding to the already long list of books to read in the next few months. What is your score?