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Breaking out of a Shell to Market

When I first started writing, someone told me to “know your market.” At the time, I thought, well, of course I know my market. They are young adults who enjoy reading fantasy. That was a good enough definition for me. I am starting to realize that knowing a market means more than just defining them so simplistically. It means interacting with them. What do they love? What are they talking about? What do they do for their spare time? Where do they hang out? What things do they value over others?

I was born an introvert. I would rather hang out with my characters who won’t judge me or betray me. It’s hard for me to interact. It’s hard for me to market. So, the thought of combining the two scares me on many levels. But, my 20’s have been built on one philosophy: challenge myself to grow. It started small. I joined a church group. I signed up for conferences to go alone. Things of this nature. I am still the same person, that will never change. I don’t think I will ever desire for the spotlight. But if I don’t challenge myself, then life will be boring and routine.

Dreams should be hard to achieve. Life will ask how much we really want it, how much will we work to get it? For me, discovering my market is yet another way to not only achieve my dreams but also make me grow as a person. And how could that be wrong?